Motivated, determined, resolute

Posted by Stewart Bremner on

It's almost been two months since the independence referendum. Even though we did not get the result we worked so hard for, our movement is the one that looks like it was victorious. With the three main pro-Yes parties all in ascendence, as well as countless other organisations, our motivation and determination is resolute. 

In light of this, I wanted to create a design that reflects the moment we are living in, in the same manner that my campaign designs did previously. In a conversation with my wife, artist Megan Chapman, she mentioned the motto of Leith and something clicked straight away. Leith is the part of Edinburgh in which we live. With something of a different character to the capital, some still insist it is a separate town, even though it was incorporated into Edinburgh in 1920. The motto that features on its coat of arms is 'persevere'.

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