Bairns not bombs - the mug

As the festive season gets well under way, a mystery package arrived at Indy Prints this morning. We opened it excitedly, only to discover that it was, sadly, not a present. (We made up for this by baking a cake!) What the packed in fact contained were new mugs that Indy Prints had somewhat forgotten about creating. 

The mug is based Stewart Bremner's interpretation of the popular #indyref slogan "Bairns* not bombs". This design has been available as a print since summer, as well as having been used on numerous digital infographics used by both Yes Scotland and the Scottish Greens during the referendum campaign.

Click here and you can get hold of a little piece of history to drink your tea from!

* for all of you who are not from the top end of the British Isles, 'bairn' is Scots for 'child'.

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