2022 calendars are here!

It's calendar time again! This year the favourites have returned, as well as some totally new ones – in fact one of them is based on a collection I've not even finished yet.

You know the favourites. Some of them have been around since 2016, while last year's most popular calendar – Overrated Scotland – was actually brand new last year.

Each year I like to try out new ideas for some of the calendar favourites. This time I've tried two of them out in a different format, so now you can get Scots Sayings in A4 size, or some bonnie landscapes in an upright style.

As well as changing its size, my Scots Sayings calendar now comes in tartan! On that subject, there is also a calendar dedicated entirely to that fabulous fabric. Last but least is my first Scottish culture calendar, which collects some of the loveliest pieces from my portfolio.

See the full collection here.

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