Four for August

This week we launch four new prints! Not only was Scottish politics not the main theme, one of them wasn't political at all!

That non-political print depicts the effects of millennia of humans in Edinburgh's Holyrood Park. It shows the tracks, the trails and the roads that criss cross the most famous extinct volcano in these islands. It was a labour of love for our artist Stewart Bremner, who had the idea for this years ago and spent days meticulously working from satellite photos to draw every path he could find.

Staying close to home and bringing back the politics, we have updated our Weapons of Mass Destruction print, to make it up-to-date for our post-#indyref times. It is also now available in two sizes.

Another of our new prints is also nuclear-related. This one uses a survivor's quote, 'The sun had fallen out of the sky', to mark the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. It's an update of a design created by Stewart to mark the 60th anniversary and as with then, 40% of the profits will be donated to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

The fourth of our new prints, also available in two sizes, is strongly political. It depicts much of the text from Clause IV of the Labour Party's manifesto. Written in 1918, Clause IV was widely seen as Labour's commitment to socialist principals and was deleted by Tony Blair in 1995. Boo, hiss! Could it be on its way back? We shall see!

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