Travel posters

Our new range of travel posters launches today. Primarily focussed on Edinburgh to begin with, we plan to extend it out to cover as much of Scotland as we can. Here's what Stewart has to say about it:

"Vintage travel posters were several times a source of inspiration while I was creating graphics during the referendum campaign. There's something in the colours, the simplified shapes and the Art Deco hints that I've enjoyed for years.
In a conversation a few months ago, the idea was raised that I might create my own series of posters in that style. It was – and is – a good idea and soon after I set about searching my photo archive for inspiration and, eventually, started drawing. 
In these illustrations, I not only pay homage to a style of art I have long enjoyed, I also celebrate the country in which I live. Scotland is a truly beautiful place and I hope and plan to draw many parts of it over the coming months."
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