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Stewart has been making some new drawings recently. Here's what he has to say:

"I don't get as much time as I'd like to make new drawings, so when I do I get excited about it. I hope you'll be excited too, when you see the new drawings. 

"I returned to my Alternate Scotland collection and have made five new pieces. First up is a kelpie safety warning poster, highlighting how sinister these malevolent creatures are. Next we take a trip to a world where unicorns are real and can be visited at the world-famous Stirling Safari Park in Tillicoultry, near Stirling. Perhaps that is the world were Scotland has coo rides, instead of donkey rides at the beach. 

"In yet another world, Scotland has had a long-standing national airline, featuring aeroplanes known for the stratosphere-slicing skirl sound they make. It's maybe also a world where the world's first pedal bicycle – invented in Scotland – was celebrated."

Here are the posters. As you've probably guessed, they are also available as cards, magnets, mounted prints and giclée prints.

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