Fancy a date?

We're got three ways for you to mark the date!

Each August we launch our new calendars and this year is no exception. For 2018 however, we've got THREE calendars to choose from! In addition to our regular Early Days of a Better Nation calendar and new for 2017's Scots Sayings calendar, this year we are introducing our Tour of Scotland calendar. 

The Early Days of a Better Nation this year features four existing illustrations – that have been extensively reworked – as well as eight new ones. It gives even more of the reassurance of vintage design to Scottish independence ideas than ever!

Scots Sayings is even more colourful than last year, with sayings that are just a little more salty in places! We also have new takes on 'Lang may yer lum reek' and 'Gie it laldy'.

New this year is our Tour of Scotland calendar. It features twelve of our most popular vintage-style posters brought together for an imaginary tour around the most scenic parts of Scotland. 

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