Happy 9th birthday

I am currently feeling old because somehow Indy Prints is nine years old today. Nine?! How can that even be possible? Good grief.

To celebrate you can get 20% off everything in my print shop. Use code happy9th at checkout, or click here to automatically apply the discount to your order. (Offer valid Jul 12, 2023 - Jul 14, 2023)

Without you, there would be no Indy Prints and I can't thank you enough for your support over the last nine years. (I still can't believe it's been that long!) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

When I launched my shop in July 2014 to sell prints of the political art I was making during the independence referendum, I had no idea that Indy Prints would take over my life. While politics is only a part of what I do now, promoting Scotland and its culture is the very essence of my work. Thank you, again, for sticking with me on my journey.

This year has been a particularly hard, following the death of my mum, Pat Bremner, four months ago. Mum was one of the nicest and most supportive people I've ever known and I am incredibly lucky to have had her in my life. More than anyone, Mum is responsible for who I am and where I am in life!

So of course I've made little new work and sent few newsletters recently and that's likely to continue for a while. However, the act of creation is incredibly important to me. Now, as the ninth year of my Indy Prints odyssey begins, I hope that inspiration will strike again in the not too distant future and I hope, too, that you'll be coming along with me when it does.

Thank you once more,

Indy Prints

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So sorry about your Mum, Stewart.

Congratulations on your ninth, and you look like a kid to me!


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