It's been five years

It seems hard to believe and yet it has in fact been five years since the referendum on Scotland's independence. As most of you know, Indy Prints began during the campaign and we have consistenly carried political work in the shop since.

To mark the impending fifth anniversary of the indyref, for a limited time we're expanding our political collection.

We've added 30 new designs today, including several that have only been available previously in the Early Days of a Better Nation calendar. As always, these are available as magnets, cards, mounted prints and three sizes of poster print.

In addition to the new designs, some old favourites are back including 'Vote Yes', the indyref icon that was the catalyst for Indy Prints. If you missed out on getting a copy first time around, this is your chance! 

There are now 60 designs in our political range. At the end of September, we'll be cutting that back down to around 40. The least-popular designs will be the ones getting cut, so if you see something you like, now might be your only chance to grab a copy.

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