Markets on pause

Indy Prints has been a regular participant in Leith and Stockbridge Markets in Edinburgh for several years. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the markets understandably had to close. They've been open again now for a few months and I took my Indy Prints stall back to them in September. 

The markets have excellent measures in place to deal with Covid, including sanitiser at the entrance, one-way systems and around half the number of stalls that were there before the pandemic. This last measure, most importantly, means that market visitors can safely social distance.

Unfortunately due to the nature of my stall, it became quickly crowded several times and social distancing rules were forgotten. It is, of course, a difficult situation and it can be easy to forget to do the things we need to do to keep us all safe. Even so, I'm not comfortable being in a position where I can cause that to happen.

Over the past six years I've built a reasonable online presence, something that not every market trader has been able to do. With spaces at the markets now at a premium, given their diminished size, I know there are other traders who need a space more than I do.

In light of all of this, I have decided to withdraw Indy Prints from the Leith and Stockbridge Markets for the time being. 

I hope that those of you who are able will continue to support the markets and the local businesses who trade there. I'd also be very grateful if you would continue to support me through Indy Prints at this time.


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