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Today sees the launch of three new pieces in the What it…? range of Scottish cultural and historical curiosities, a collection that poses a series of questions in order to offer glimpses – through the medium of advertisements – into what the Scotlands of different alternate realities might be.

Lady MacBeth imagines what theatre may look like if gender roles were reversed and is drawn in a style that fuses Celtic art and Art Nouveau. This is an idea that I've had in my head for years, so it's really nice to finally see it made flesh.

Dandelion Tea poses the question 'What if Mary’s husband, the dastardly Darnley, had descendants who did delicious dandelion teas?' and shows a distinctly funky mid-century aesthetic, with hints of blocky linocut roughness.

Finally, Neep Lantren comes from the world where Scotland has an organisation that promotes its most humble vegetable and does so using vintage horror film poster typography. This piece is adapted from a drawing I made two years ago for the Scots Language Centre, to celebrate Hallowe'en.

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