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In the last two days, people from all across Scotland have come together to show their desire to stay in the EU. We've also shown our solidarity with the many people from overseas who have done us the honour of choosing Scotland as their home.

Yesterday, we rush released a print to show Scotland's love for Europe. After some further consideration, we've added another print and, perhaps more importantly, a small selection of free posters and social media cover pics. (There's a badge too!)

The posters and there to be downloaded, printed and put in windows and any other public spaces across the country. The badge and cover pics, hopefully, are self-explanatory.

We feel that it is incredibly important at this time to show our families, friends and neighbours that we support anyone who has the courage to leave behind what they know and choose to come to our country.

Please share these things far and wide and let the world know we are not intolerant, inward-looking xenophobes. Immigrants, migrants, refugees, all are welcome in Scotland. We are proud they have chosen our small country on the north west edge of Europe as their home and we value them and their contributions to our culture and our economy.

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