New: Scots haiku art

Launching tonight is something very new to my shop: a collaboration!

Over the years, I've taken part in a few collaborations, both in art and in music. It's also fair to say that a lot of my political work has been collaborative, particularly that made with Believe in Scotland and Yes Scotland. However, this is the first time I'll have collaborative work in my Indy Prints shop!

A little while ago, Scots scriever Laura Law asked me if I would like to make some art from her writing, in particular her haiku poems. Laura scrieves poetry in the Scots leid an her wirk has been prentit in Lallans and the Eemis Stane magazine.

She showed me some of her haiku and I was really taken with them, so jumped at the chance to transform them into visual art. It took a few attempts to get them right, but I am really happy with the final results. I hope you like them an aw.

I've given Laura's wonderful words a 20th century makeover, combining geometric shapes and elegant curves that hark back to abstract works of the thirties. Meanwhile the colour palette has more of a mid-century feel.

There are three haiku in the range, each available in two colour palettes. And, as always, you can get them as posters, cards, magnets and more.

You can see the whole range here.

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