New yins

No anely hae we gat fower new Scots Sayings for ye this month, we've gat nine new options oan oor maist-likit designs, plus a wee special helpin o sports! 

Follaein on fae the 2020 Scots Sayings calendar, we've addit some new sayins tae oor range. Thare's the timeless 'Ye cannae shove yer Granny aff a bus' (in twa vintage bus livery colours), Glesgae's ongoin insult aboot Embra, somethin aboot jets an, last but no least, a sayin whit rose tae prominence oot o the telly show Chewin the Fat. 

As ayeways these are aw available as cairds, magnetswee moonted prints and three sizes o poster.

Sin we were daein new sayins, we thocht it was aboot time tae update some o the maist popular yins in oor range. Belaw are nine sayins wi wan new option each. 

If ye like sport, ye micht like these twa energetic drawins. Yin features the national fitba colours and the other the national rugby colours.

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