So you still want to order a present

This morning at 9am was the deadline for placing an order to arrive in time for Christmas. If you missed that deadline, there are a couple of other options. 

Firstly, please note that these options only apply to items that are in stock* (see image below). If you order something that is not in stock, it won't be posted until January, when both my shop and my printer reopen.

Take a chance

I am planning to post orders on Tuesday 15th and Friday 18th, if there is a demand. That means any order placed before 9pm on December 17th has a chance of arriving in time, however you should note that Royal Mail is currently taking at least six to ten days to deliver. Maybe a late arriving present is better than no present at all? It's totally up to you.

Pick up your order

If you are able to safely and legally travel to north Edinburgh, you can come and pick up your order, as long as it is placed before 9pm on December 17th. Simply place your order – be sure the items are in stock – then message me to let me know you want to come and pick it up. You can do this by replying to the order confirmation email and we will arrange details. I will refund your shipping cost after collection.

Shop holiday

Orders placed after 9pm on December 17th will not be posted orders until January. The shop will however be open as normal online.

*Note that if two people have the same item in their cart at the same time, the first one to pay at the check out will get the item. If this means the item you want suddenly becomes out of stock, I will let you know as soon as possible.

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