Support a wee Scottish business the day!

Today is Small Business Saturday and, just in case you didn't know, we're a small business! In fact, we're a very small business: mostly it's just Stewart (hey, that's me!), along with two other very special people (one of them is a cat).

We work with other small businesses, because we're a firm believer in keeping it local. Our furthest supplier is only seven miles away and the others are closer – even the Post Office we use is just 500 metres away!

All of this means that every time you buy from us, you're supporting not just me (hi!) and two other lovely people, but also several small local businesses. Yay!

Launching at 10am

We're adding two new Scottish achievement illustrations at 10am today! One is made up of 50 elements from notable Scottish albums and the other has 24 Scottish authors. There's 20% off them and our Inventive Scots print today.

Get yer savings in!

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