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Seiven years ago the dey

Posted by Stewart Bremner on

Ah wis walkin hame frae ma mum's hoose yin Sunday nicht, when inspiration hit me. Ah wis inspiret tae uise ma love an knawin o art an design history tae make pro-indy graphics. Ah stairtit a drawin that nicht, an feenisht it a few deys later, oan October 15th – seiven years ago the dey! Ma thinkin wis tae mak a design that wisnae a specific message, as ah had been daein, but wis mair o a symbol for the hale movement – aye, talk aboot big-heidit! Onywey, the inspiration here wis acourse baith Alphonse Mucha and Sheperd Fairey's 'Hope'. Ower time,...

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