The indyref anniversary sale

There's no doubt this has been a weird year. Among other things time seems to have gone a bit wonky, yet even so I'm finding it hard to believe that the indyref was six years ago. Six years?! It just doesn't seem possible and yet here we are. It is once more September 18th. 

Are we older and wiser? Well, I can't answer that, however I think independence supporters can take some measure of comfort in recent polls, particularly the reverse of the indyref result

For those seeking further comfort in indy politics, here's something that might fit the bill: I'm having a indyref anniversary sale.

As seems to have become a tradition around here, for September 18th only I'm offering 20% off my political art. There are currently 38 designs in the range, available as posters, cardsmagnetsmounted prints and giclée prints. Some of these are also collected in postcard packs and in my 2021 calendar

To get 20% off anything in the range, all you need to do is use the code INDYANN6 at the checkout, or click here.

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