The new views

Since mid-January, Stewart has been working more than 14 hours a day on new landscape drawings. In that time he's managed to draw 32 new views of Scotland.

From suggestions you made, as well as some obvious locations we had not done yet, he drew views from all over Scotland, including in many areas not drawn here before.

As ever, each of our vintage-style landscape drawings are available in three sizes of print, as cards, magnets and small mounted prints.



As well as the new drawings, we also updated the colours for most of our previous drawings, giving new and, we think, lovelier options. 



Now that we have so many views, we thought it would be a good time to share the map we've been using to keep track. It's fully zoomable and explorable. 



In all there are now 74 viewsin our range of vintage-style travel drawings. We hope you like both the new ones and the new colours of the older ones.

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