Braw Scots – red on white – banner

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Celebrate the positive qualities of Scotland with a free social media cover picture! This mid-century modern design features a map of Scotland and text written entirely in Scots language.

Scots is a native language of Scotland. It can trace its roots back 1,400 years, growing apart from its English sister tongue during the Middle Ages. Scots was once the national language of Scotland and is today one of three recognised languages in the country.

Braw – fine, splendid; Bonnie – attractive; Cannie – wise; Cliver – clever; Couthie – sociable; Discreet – polite; Gallus – bold; Gleg – intelligent; Guid – respectable; Leal – loyal; Lifie – vivacious; Pally – friendly; Rare – remarkable; Sonsie – sensible; Strang – strong

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