Early Days of a Better Nation – 2019 calendar

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Drawn by former Yes Scotland graphic artist Stewart Bremner, this calendar features twelve colourfully-illustrated messages and quotes in support of the campaign to win Scotland’s independence.

January: The independence movement only has one thing to do – keep the flame burning. – Lesley Riddoch • February: Only an independent Scotland can be free of nuclear weapons • March: So long as my strength lasts, I shall continue to advocate an independent Scotland – R B Cunninghame Graham • April: Desiring independence for Scotland doesn't make you a nationalist. It makes you a democrat. – Colin Fox • May: The future we want to see: an outward-facing, peace-building, socially just, independent Scotland. – Maggie Chapman • June: Together we can create a better Scotland • July: London is draining the life out of the rest of the country • August: Scotland has mostly been independent, not in the union • September: Independence is normal • October: It is time we stopped letting millionaires run our country and billionaires hold it to ransom • November: Stop the world – Scotland wants to get on. – Winnie Ewing • December: Tae be yersels and tae mak that worth bein, nae harder job tae mortals has been gien. – Hugh MacDiarmid

  • each image has been reworked for this calendar
  • 12 pages
  • full colour throughout
  • measures 420x154mm