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Humans in Holyrood Park – poster

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Flat earth

Maps are a symbolic representation of a space, commonly countries, regions or towns. They seek to show a three-dimensional area on a flat surface, allowing humans to explain and navigate the world.

The land on paper

Evidence of humans abstracting the world onto a surface can be found as far back as early cave paintings and rock carvings. As civilisation became more and more advanced, so too did our cartographic abilities. Where once the oldest maps were of stars, now we are mapped from the stars – or at least from satellites in space.

About this piece

Holyrood Park is an area of Edinburgh that is given over to semi-wilderness. Standing tall in the middle of it is the dormant volcano Arthur's Seat, which is surrounded by several other hills, three lochs and Salisbury Crags. It was created in 1541, when James V had the area enclosed by a stone wall.

The artwork

This minimalist map shows the paths and roads that humans have inscribed through Holyrood Park and over the millennia.

Product details
  • Paper size A3, 420x297mm
  • 350gsm smooth white board
  • Printed in Scotland on FSC® Mixed Sources paper