Imaginary adverts - coaster set

Imaginary adverts - coaster set

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What if…?

Have you ever wondered how the world – and Scotland in particular – would be different if just one thing was changed? Would it be just a wee bit different, or a wholly different universe?

Imagine this

The 'What if…?' question is a staple of genre fiction, where it has been used to conjure countless different realities. The Imaginary Advertd collection poses such questions about Scotland through the medium of advertisements!

The artwork

This eye-catching drawing takes inspiration from twentieth century design and illustration and uses a muted colour palette to give a vintage feeling.

About this set

This set collects four colourful imaginary adverts.

  • Selkies! Lost yer skin?
  • Unicorn Safari
  • Coo Rides
  • Swim wi Nessie

  • Digitally printed in Scotland
  • 9x9cm melamine coaster
  • 3mm thick
  • durable matt varnish