Pack of 6 political postcards – set C - Indy Prints by Stewart Bremner

Pack of 6 political postcards – set C

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Supporting independence for Scotland

Quite simply, Scotland should be an independent country. If you too believe that, this is the place for you.

Indy art

The Politics collection brings together various pro-indy messages and statements. The collection began during the indyref campaign and has grown since.

What is in this pack?

Spread the message of Scottish independence with this pack of six postcards. This pack includes:

  • Only independence will allow Scotland to chart a different course
  • Trident no more. Austerity no more. Westminster no more. Tories no more.
  • The future is independence.
  • Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries on earth – with independence we can work to make it one of the fairest as well
  • Vote Yes
  • Desiring independence for Scotland doesn't make you a nationalist, it makes you a democrat.
The artwork

Taking inspiration from art and design of the twentieth century, this drawing combines a bold pro-indy message with a familiar and historied style to quietly reassurance the viewer.

Product details
  • A6 size (148x105mm)
  • Printed in Scotland on 350gsm silk paper that is Forest Sustainable Certified
  • One half of the back is lined for an address