What if…? – 2021 calendar

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What if Nessie really had been discovered in 1933? What if Scotland's version of donkey rides on the beach was coo rides? What if unicorns were real and could be visited in a safari park? These questions and more offer glimpses – through the medium of advertisements – into what the Scotlands of different alternate realities might be.

January: Unicorn safari
February: Fly SOAC
March: Coo rides
April: Selkies! Lost yer skin?
May: Lady MacBeth
June: Vipoig & Sons, Z-rod makers
July: Darnley's Dandelion Tea
August: Beware! Kelpies operate in this area
September: Kirkpatrick MacMillan's bicycle
October: Neep lantren
November: Visit Craig na Dun
December: Swim wi Nessie

  • 12 pages
  • full colour throughout
  • measures 420x154mm