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In the year and a bit since we launched Indy Prints, we have been surprised and delighted by the support of our customers and friends. Without them we really could not be continuing to do what we're doing – making gorgeous political art and, in Stewart's case, keep on making political graphics for social media.

We decided it was time to give something back to you, so today we're launching Indy Points – our very own reward scheme. While this may sound a bit like the kind of thing a big company does in order to suck in all your data and further feather its nest, we just want to show you our appreciation by giving you the chance to earn money-off vouchers.

Like most reward schemes, you'll earn points by purchasing from our store. As well as this, you get points when you set up your account or you refer a friend to us. We'll even throw in some every day you visit our shop! These points can be redeemed as money-off vouchers.

Here's an example: Ms B sets up her account (200 points), then buys one of our standard prints (5 points per £1 = 125 points). This makes 325 points, which is not enough to qualify for a voucher. The next day she visits (5 points) and recommends Indy Prints to a friend. When the friend makes a purchase over £15 she gets 500 points, bringing her total to 830 points. 500 of those points will give her £5 off her next purchase.*

To get started, simply click on the brown tab on the bottom right of the screen.

*points earned from purchases take 14 days to clear, to be sure that the purchaser – your or your friend – is happy with the  purchase.

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Thanks for the idea Neil. It’s a good idea, I just need to see if I can find a way to make it work within my shop template!


Just a thought… as well as the facebook, twitter & G+ buttons, a ‘refer a friend’ e-mail button (perhaps even with suggested text for message) could be helpful.
Keep up the GREAT work.

Neil Anderson

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