Discover playful designs inspired by Scotland's unique charms

I recently created twelve new designs that reflect Scotland's captivating essence and aim to spark a sense of curiosity about how visitors perceive our beautiful country. Hint: some folk have odd ideas about Scotland!

In the Overrated Scotland collection, I have drawn inspiration from online reviews shared by travellers, both from near and far. These designs celebrate the quirks and idiosyncrasies that make Scotland so special, while adding a touch of humour to the mix. From renowned landmarks to lesser-known gems, each artwork captures a unique aspect of Scotland's charm, as seen through the eyes of those who explore our shores.

As an independent artist, I take great pride in crafting each piece with care and attention to detail. By owning one of these hand-drawn artworks, you not only embrace the playful side of Scotland but also support a local artist who is passionate about capturing the essence of our beloved country.

If you're intrigued and would like to delve into this lighthearted collection of 40 designs, I invite you to visit the collection. Discover the amusing scenes that blend art and humour, igniting curiosity about what visitors, both from home and away, think of our remarkable nation. They're all available as posters, cards, magnets and more.

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