Last chance for Christmas orders

Over the past ten days or so, I've become aware that Royal Mail is taking significantly longer than usual to make its UK deliveries. In some places it may be taking up to ten days, rather than the previous (Covid-19) three.

In light of this, the previous ordering times I suggested (based on Royal Mail's earlier estimate) look unsafe for Christmas delivery. I am instead advising that you place your order before 9am tomorrow morning, to give it the best chance to reach its destination for Christmas. 

If you are ordering for someone else, please consider having me send it to them directly. Remember, if you do, to leave a note and your name to be included in the order, using the comments box in the shopping cart. I do not include any invoice information in orders.

My plan is to keep processing and sending out orders as quickly as I can every day until the 18th. However be aware that it you order after 9am on Friday 11th, your order is less likely to reach you before Christmas.

I am planning to take a break from the 18th, so orders placed after then may not get posted until January. This isn't a firm plan yet, so please keep an eye on my shop news for confirmation.

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