Scots is a language

I've got two brand new designs for you this week, which are my first new ones of 2022. Both are looking at how the Scottish Cringe impacts Scots Language.

Everyone in Scotland completed a census over the last month or so. One has been taken in Scotland every ten years since 1801, with two exceptions: 1941, due to the Second World War, and the current one, which was delayed a year by – of course – the pandemic.

The 2022 Scotland's Census was only the second one ever to include a question about abilities in Scots language. Following this, the usual Unionists and Cringers again cast their doubt on the legitimacy of Scots. Rather than being a language, they believe Scots is a Cybernat plot, simply a collection of dialects (!), a waste of taxpayer's money and any number of other self-hating conspiracies. This design, simply, is a reminder to all that Scots is a language.

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An apologetic apostrophe is a linguistic form of the Scottish Cringe that can be found in Modern Scots. It was introduced by Scottish writers in the 18th century, as part of a process of Anglicisation. Guid Scots words such as a, o, wi and gie, became a', o', wi' and gi'e in order to be more acceptable to readers of English. It's time we stood our ground against this unacceptable practice.

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