Governments try to crush… – Emmeline Pankhurst – card – magnet - Indy Prints by Stewart Bremner

Governments try to crush… – Emmeline Pankhurst – magnet

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On good governance

"Governments have always tried to crush reform movements, to destroy ideas, to kill the thing that cannot die. Without regard to history, which shows that no government have ever succeeded in doing this, they go on trying in the old, senseless way." – Emmeline Pankhurst

The artwork

Taking inspiration from art and design of the early twentieth century, this design combines a still-provocative message with a familiar style to quietly reassurance the viewer.

Product details
  • Made in Scotland
  • Digitally printed
  • 60x95mm
  • extra strong 1.5mm thick magnet
  • laminated to give a glossy durable finish