Heilan coo – poster

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Ye micht ken yer Scots leid, but div ye ken the Scots names o aw the beasties?

Whit beastie is this?

The heilan coo is yin o oor maist kenspeckle beasties, wi its muckle horns an towsie ginger hair – the langest hair o ony breed o coo. It wis first keepit as a hoose coo on sma heilan ferms afore spreidin oot ower the kintra an syne the lave o the warld. In Inglis it’s cryed a ‘highland cow’.

The ‘heilan coo’ is one of our most recognisable animals, with its big horns and straggly ginger hair – the longest hair on any breed of cow. It was first kept as a house cow on small highland farms, before spreading out over the country and then the rest of the world. In English, it’s called a highland cow.


Miscawed bi mony as no a real leid, the reenge o names for the beasties o this kintra shaws jist hoo sindry Scots is. It shaws its mony links til ither northland European leids forby.

Decried by many as not a real language, the range of names for the animals of this country shows just how distinct Scots is. It also shows its many links to other northern European languages.

The airt

This colourfae drawing haes its oreeginal in mid-century design an pop airt styles, an is grundit on a texturt block o rowed ink. It’s a rare wey tae shaw yer luve for the leid an the braw beasties that’s intil oor kintra.

This colourful drawing hae its original in mid-century design an pop art styles, and is grounded on a textured block of rolled ink. It’s am ideal way to show your luve for the leid and the brilliant animals of our country.

Product details
  • Paper size A3, 420x297mm
  • 350gsm smooth white board
  • Printed in Scotland on FSC® Mixed Sources paper