Outwith – poster

Outwith – poster

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Oor ain culture

Culture is one of the main things that define a country. It makes one place on a map more than simply in a different location to another place on a map. Scotland is no exception to this. From our tartans and traditions, to our writing, music, languages and so much more, the culture that has come to define Scotland has become known around the world.

Cringe no more

In the centuries since the birth of the union in 1707, Scots have been gradually all been taught to dislike, dismiss, or even flat out deny our culture. Known as the Scottish Cringe, this in-built censor manifests in all sorts of ways, often near words like 'twee' and 'parochial'. Bringing a focus and sense of worth to Scottish culture is one of the main aims of Indy Prints.

About this piece

Most people in Scotland speak a variant of English called Scots English, however, not everyone realises that it has different grammar, words and spellings than standard English. It's typical not to notice until one either leaves Scotland or comes up against a spellchecker. More often than not, 'outwith' is the word that triggers the realisation.

The artwork

Taking inspiration from art and design of the twentieth century, this drawing combines many different fonts to make it clear that 'outwith' is a real word.

Product details
  • Paper size A3, 420x297mm
  • 350gsm smooth white board
  • Printed in Scotland on FSC® Mixed Sources paper