Scots map of Central Scotland

Scots map of Central Scotland

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Flat earth

Maps are a symbolic representation of a space, commonly countries, regions or towns. They seek to show a three-dimensional area on a flat surface, allowing humans to explain and navigate the world.

The land on paper

Evidence of humans abstracting the world onto a surface can be found as far back as early cave paintings and rock carvings. As civilisation became more and more advanced, so too did our cartographic abilities. Where once the oldest maps were of stars, now we are mapped from the stars – or at least from satellites in space.

About this piece

On maps of Scotland, we see a mix of Scots Language place names, Gaelic and Anglicised Scots names, and a few names that bear almost no relation to Scots at all. These trace centuries of Scottish culture.

The artwork

Not many of us know the origins of our place names. This map, created along with the Scots Language Centre, helps us see the deep roots of the Scots Language our country.

Product details
  • 300 gsm pH neutral conservation paper with archival inks
  • Digitally printed in Scotland
  • 25% of the profits will be donated to the Scots Language Centre